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Specialized Courses for Military and Law Enforcement Available On Request
 Defense 360 Unarmed Combat System                                                          TBD                                                             
   We take your safety and security very seriously and will train you only in the      techniques and skills that are applicable in real world encounters.
 Home Defense Class                                                                                         TBD                                                                                                                          
 ​Jan 19 - 22    SHOT SHOW                                                                   Las Vegas,NV

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Training Warriors Since 1991
SERT Group International offers courses specifically designed for law enforcement, civilians, and military personnel.

Our mission is to prepare others to successfully meet the unforgiving demands of combat on the battlefield,in the streets or in your home.We provide a challenging and demanding approach to learning the critical skills necessary to survive life threatening encounters. 

Classes are specifically customized to our clients skill level, security needs or mission`requirements.To maintain the level of readiness required to respond to critical incidents, we provide our clients with real world proven, cutting edge training. We take your security seriously, so we are innovative in our approach, forward thinking in our course development and dynamic in our instruction.

SERT Group International Courses are offered at our training facilities in the Los Angeles,California area, or can be hosted at a location of your choice by our Mobile Training Team. Private lessons can be arranged for individuals or groups. Corporate and group discounts are available. For more information or to schedule a course please fill put the form below

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Feb 27          NRA Basic Pistol                                                             Azusa, CA
Mar 12         Combat Pistol - Basic                                                       Azusa, CA
 Training Solutions for High-Threat Environments
           " Training the Best for the Worst"
MILITARY               LAW ENFORCEMENT                CIVILIAN
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TBD             Defensive Shotgun                                                           Azusa, CA
    We offer military and law enforcement discounts.
July 16        Defensive Tactics for Women                                         Granada Hills, CA